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The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience commonly referred to as IAESTE is an international organization exchanging students for technical work experience abroad. Students are provided with international internship opportunities ranging from a period of 4 weeks to one year. The IAESTE network includes more than 80 countries, with the potential of accepting new countries into the organization every year.

IAESTE serves over 4,000 students, 3000 employers and 1,000 academic institution every year. We do so by providing career-focussed professional internships abroad, social and cultural reception programmes, international networking events and employer branding activities.

We serve 4000 students, 3000 employers and 1000 academic institutions through career-focused professional internships abroad, social and intercultural reception programmes, international networking and other career and employer branding activities in more than 80 countries worldwide

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History of IAESTE

IAESTE was founded in 1948 at Imperial College, London. The Imperial College Vacation Work Committee headed by Mr. James Newby initiated a meeting with national organizations from 10 European countries in a post war effort to promote better understanding between countries and cultures. Since 1948, the association has grown to include more than 80 countries worldwide and has exchanged in excess of 300,000 students. IAESTE exchanges around 7000 students annually playing an important role in giving technical undergraduates practical work experience and a global perspective.