Dream It! See It! Go for It!

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organisation. It provides students in technical degrees with paid, course-related, training abroad. Since it was founded in 1948, it has grown to include more than 80 countries and has exchanged in excess of 300,000 students.

IAESTE India is one of the more than 80 members of the global IAESTE family. Established in 2001, IAESTE in India has witnessed a staggering growth that is uncommon for any new venture today. It quickly earned the rights to a Full membership to IAESTE a.s.b.l in 2017 after having being granted Associate membership in 2011.

IAESTE in India started off in 2001 with the inception of IAESTE India-KU at Karunya University as a cooperating institution. In 2005, Manipal University also joined IAESTE as a cooperating institution under the title IAESTE IndiaMIT. IAESTE India is now a full member and has 4 Local Committee’s:

  • LC Manipal: Manipal University, Manipal
  • LC MUJ: Manipal University Jaipur
  • LC KU: Karunya University, Coimbatore
  • LC JECRC: JECRC, Jaipur

It also has 2 co-operating institutions currently:

  • CI Rajagiri College, Kochi
  • CI Sikkim Manipal University

The main aim is to help members realize their dreams and to facilitate the exchange of ideas- both technical as well as, cultural, by connecting students from various cultures and countries.