IAESTE is an organization that facilitates student exchange internships for technical experience. Employers can employ highly skilled university students (both undergraduate and post graduate), thereby diversifying their work force. Our employing companies include multinational corporations, small private firms, start-ups, university based as well as student project internships at universities. Over 3000 students successfully complete their internships each year.

    How to be an Employer?

  • Generate an Offer Form: As an employer, you are required to submit a detailed description of the internship position, duration and stipend along with the qualifications you are looking for.

  • Review and Selection: IAESTE will review all the candidatures for the offer, shortlist the one who is the most suited to your requirements and then forward you the candidate application so that you can review it. The employer has the liberty to approve of the candidate for the portfolio or request a different candidate by taking Skype/telephone interview arranged as required.

  • Internship: LC Manipal will provide assistance in visa applications (if required) and intern stay in India.

  • Eligibility
  • The employer must be willing to pay a stipend for the intern they receive. This ensures further participation in international exchanges.
  • The employer must continuously supervise the intern progress and provide IAESTE with feedback on the same
  • The project/portfolio should be designed keeping in mind the interns study level and field of study. The portfolio on the offer form should be clearly defined and be detailed with respect to expectations, requirements, and activities specified in the training plan.
  • The employer must explain company protocols, policies and necessary information to the intern on the first day of work.
  • The employer should try to see to it that the intern has an opportunity to learn about Indian culture, in and outside the workspace.
  • The employer must complete the paperwork and formalities within the specified time.

    For more details contact:

    Deepika Karan
    Corporate Relations Manager

    Corporate Partners

    Sirena Technologies, Bangalore
    Sirena Technologies was formed with an inspiration to bring innovative products, designed and manufactured from India, leveraging Indian Ecosystem.

    Maheshwari Architects, Mumbai
    A recognized firm in the field of Architecture and Interior Designing.

    AB Initio Architects & Planners, Chennai
    Ab initio Architects & Planners is a network of inventive, integrated teams crafting superior architecture and design solutions for clients across India.

    Cactus Communications, Mumbai
    A unique agency offering innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

    Mettl, Gurgaon
    Online Assessment Software For Recruitment, Training, Certification and Exams.

    Cogoport, Mumbai
    Cogoport aims to tech enable the international logistics business globally.

Contact Us

We can be reached at:

  • Address:IAESTE India LC Manipal
    1st Floor, Innovation Center
    Academic Block 4
    Manipal Institute of Technology
    Manipal - 576104
    Karnataka, India

  • Phone: +91-820-292-5040

  • Email: queries@iaeste.in

  • Website: manipal.iaeste.in