In an increasingly competitive global market, the need to stand out from a crowd is more essential than ever before. IAESTE internships offer the unique opportunity of pursuing a paid, technical internship while experiencing a different country and culture, and making friends with people from all over the world. The work offered adds tremendous value to your career experience and enhances your intercultural, while the opportunity to explore a foreign land enhances your understanding of the world and gives you the ability to see new perspectives.

WORK (contact IAESTE in your country, get into the student pool and apply for traineeship), EXPERIENCE (prepare your application documents, submit them though the national committee and wait for the information about the acceptance. Once you're accepted, IAESTE will help you with visa, work permits and accommodation), DISCOVER - yourself and the world during your practical traineeship. Find yourself in the real work, expand your theoretical knowledge with realistic challenges. Discover other cultures, make friends and make an impact towards a better world.

Benifits for Studemts

“Experience the benefits of an IAESTE internship”

Stand out to employers - make your CV shine!

Live and work in another country

Make new friends and experience different cultures

Improve language, social and communication skills

Make international professional contacts

Over 80 countries to choose from

Practical experience in real work environment

Benefit from our expertise and 70 years experience

Eligibility, Membership and Selection Procedure

As per our policy, only students who are enrolled in any institution or college are eligible to apply for internships abroad.

To be able to apply for internships, you must first become a member of any Local Committee (LC) of IAESTE India. You can do so by getting in touch with the LC of your choice and by paying a nominal fee. Once a registered member with any of the LCs, you will be provided with certain privileges by the respective local body in terms of internship offers for your field of study for you to choose from. IAESTE will provide students with a stipend that will cover their basic living and lodging costs during the stay of their internship abroad. However, travel expenses and personal expenditures must be borne by the student himself.

If there is no Local Committee present in your institution, you can visit here to view all the Local Committees and become a member of any one of them. Procedure for selection: Once you become a member, your LC will share offers with you from various countries as and when they become available. You can choose which offers you wish to apply for, and your application is evaluated based on your suitability to the offer by a panel of experienced professors. If you are selected as the most suitable candidate, you are required to prepare an application that is sent to the employer (university or corporate firm). At this point, the employer will evaluate your application and if accepted, your internship will be confirmed.

If you are foreign national, soon headed to India for an IAESTE internship, we are here to assist you. For any further queries, you can reach out to your Local Committee or mail us at